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Amazing Coincidences

  • 11/01/2018
  • Antigua, yacht delivery, planes,virgin atlantic


Earlier last year, I took a flight to ANTIGUA to join a yacht on a rather nice long delivery to TAHITI

As you do !!!!

Very nice flight, thanks for VIRGIN.

Anyway, got to my nominated seat and had to “excuse me” to a chap to get the outside seat. Well, didn´t take long to get chatting, as you do. We both had also peered at each other with a vague recollection from the past ….

Turns out we had known each other in the Submarine Service MANY tides ago.

Now what are the chances of 2 ex-submariners being on the same flight, let alone next to each other on the flight???

Needless to say, the next 8 ours passed in a flash as we went back over old times.

A final farewell at the airport as my friend left to visit his sister and family as I got in a taxi to go to join the yacht in Nelsons Dockyard.

Now the England Cricket Team were playing a one-day match against the Windies and obviously the cab driver is a fan. He drove slowly right past the ground and we could clearly see the action. Just as we took the 5th wicket!!!!! That was a conversation stopper and the cabbie did not speak again until we got to the Yard.

A great start to a great delivery!

More soon


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