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  • 20/07/2017
  • Cruises Canary Islands Yachtmaster exams


New on our sailing menu is this opportunity for Atlantic Adventures.

Starting with our first cruise on Sept 24th we will be deploying one of our yachts around the CANARY ARCHAPELAGO.

The trip has appeal to a wide range of sailors with the opportunity to get valuable experience of longer passages.

Weather permitting, we intend to visit most of the major islands in the chain. This will give overnight passages, over 60´s and days on board towards Yachtmaster qualifications.

It´s not just for those who intend to take those exams though. We will be including sessions on boat safety checks, customs briefs, using the dinghy as a taxi, introduction to Astro navigation and aspects of live aboard life. Two of our instructors (one is me!!) have extensive experience of live aboard life and cruising and we are keen to pass that knowledge on.

So, if you need the miles, just enjoy sailing, or want a taste of the liveaboard life, this is the trip for you. 

More dates will be posted later this year.

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