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Not all who wander are lost


One of the many reasons that people take up sailing is that some like to travel, explore and see new places.

Certainly was for me and I have learned that a major part of that is the preparation of the yacht ready for the sea and the passage.

A feature of our Canary Cruising will be to get involved in those preparations and planning for long distance and an example of how that all comes together is described in our next few blogs.

Earlier on this year, by a chance meeting with an old friend, I had the opportunity to sail a yacht from Antigua to Tahiti.

We met up in our base at Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote where the boat was to be delivered from. I wasn´t able to do the first leg of the trip across the Atlantic (not sad, done loads ) but I was able to help in some of the preparations.

On such a long trip, there is a lot to do. Sails spread and checked, rigging looked at from top to bottom. The engine is very important as you can imagine, so a good service of oil, filters, pumps and belts is essential. Plus of course, making sure you have all the spares.

To back up the alternator, there were solar panels and a “watt & sea” generator driven by trailing it in the water.

Most importantly with the engine, is the seal around the Z drive. Lots of yachts these days have this instead of a traditional shaft and the drive seal should be periodically replaced.

You can imagine all this takes time and money. The yacht was lifted out, pressure washed and the old seal changed. A lot of other checks included life raft, flares, life jackets, VHF radio, Iridium communications, fuel, water, food, charts, plotter microchips, suntan cream, music, knives forks and spoons and some 100 & 1 other items!

February was an appropriate time to leave for the trip, trade winds in the Atlantic and seasons right for the legs to TAHITI. So, we waved goodbye to the Atlantic crew after all their hard work and said “see you on the other side”.

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